Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour 2017

The world’s best adventure films showing in Lebanon

Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour Trailer 2016/2017

For the seventh year,  l’Association du PolyLiban  will be organizing the Banff  Mountain Film Festival World Tour in Beirut. The BANFF festival will showcase the best film productions in climbing, snowboarding, cycling, skiing, kayaking and mountaineering selected from last year’s festival.

If  you want to discover new mountain activities , don’t miss this unique opportunity to catch 20 movies for a duration of  four hours over two nights on June 5 & 11 2017!

Join us to witness the finest outdoor adventure films on big screen.

Come celebrate the great diversity of the mountains with the ever growing community of Lebanese outdoor enthusiasts and professionals.


How to get your tickets?

Online tickets available on

Tickets are also available at:
Maliks, Libanpost, and Khoury Home


About the Banff Mountain Film Festival

The Banff Mountain Film Festival is one of the most prestigious mountain film festivals in the world and is a founding member of the International Alliance for Mountain Film.

For more than 35 years, the Banff Mountain Film Festival has showcased a selection of outstanding adventure, exploration and mountain culture through speakers, films, books and photographs from around the world during a nine-day festival held each autumn in Banff, Canada’s oldest and most popular national park.

Banff National Park

Banff National Park in the Alberta Province of Canada. ©